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What can we do to stop squandering millions of dollars that could be better used “serving” our population rather than destroying our homes, our health and the earth we live on?

I was just given some valuable information from our government on the cost of elections here in Canada. A typical federal election is 37 days, and for every extra “day” beyond 37, parties can spend another $675,000.00! Our current prime minister is smart. He knows that the winning party has always been the one with the most “money”. He has always had an advantage in this by supporting the large corporations, specifically the ones who generate the most profit. Unfortunately, the most profitable ones are always those that have caused the most damage to our health, our personal finances and our planet's environment.

Just before an election call Harper introduces programs for tax-savings for families and income-splitting for couples without regard for individual need. In this way, he allowed those that are the wealthiest to gain more of a benefit, again, assuring him more dollar support from those that can afford to give it. It has now been reported that he has fifty-two million dollars to spend on campaigns and any “mud-slinging tactics” he wishes to use against his opponents! And what else does he do to assure his win? - He extends the 37 day elections “to the max”, all the while knowing his opponents will never be able to match his funding. This will clearly give him the advantage of having more to say, more often, to more people, to sway the vote his way. If his opponents could match his funding it would represent one hundred and fifty million dollars of tax-payers funds that would be wasted on this election – money better spent on needed services for Canadians!

HOW CAN the other parties catch up? If they are fighting for the rights and services of the majority of the population, they certainly will have a problem. The majority of people do not have the surplus funds to donate anywhere near this amount to compete. Most people today are struggling just to provide a decent life for their families. No one has the millions of dollars that the wealthy and large corporations have. Those who desire and need change represent the majority of our population, a majority that governments were initially created to “support”! This majority may just lose out on getting their needs addressed.

What can we do? How can we not stop this waste of tax-payers money? Can we not force the media to give equal airtime to ALL parties, regardless of the money they have to spend? Can we not introduce legislation to reduce the length of time that campaigning is allowed, to better eliminate a waste of these much needed funds? Hopefully, one thing we can do is stop the publicizing of advance polls. These are a very biased and influencing factor that must be banned completely! In any organization where there is more than one candidate running for office, organizations would NEVER publicly announce who was more popular “prior to a vote"! This would be “influencing the vote”, and is against all moral and ethical practices.

If we are unsuccessful at stopping any of these wasteful and damaging practices, at least you'll know what is really going on, and “why”. With a new awareness, we then may read into the campaigning, speeches and mud-slinging to see the REAL issues and the REAL needs of the majority of our population; and make voting that serves the majority of Canadians.

We all have a CHOICE! Speak up Canada – your voice is important!

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