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By Cheryl D. Hill-Lavalle

I have a dream, of a vibrant planet earth, with life and abundance everywhere—a place where every person on this globe can live in peace, have their basic needs met without effort, and have the freedom to grow and contribute to humanity by following their true passion and purpose. A planet where universal truth is known, is respected and practiced, and where mass fear has been eliminated. A planet where people can heal their bodies and their souls, learn of the power of unconditional love and of their creative abilities to manifest a true heaven on earth.

Impossible, you may say? Far from it, as the creation of it is already under way!

To quote a phrase from Norman Vincent Peale: “What man can conceive and believe, he will achieve”, is as true now as it was in the past. Once someone knows the truth of life, and who they really are, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

We are each creators of our own future. We create our circumstances every day by what we think about and dwell upon. Unfortunately, too many dwell in fear through false beliefs that have been manufactured purposely to keep the global populace controlled. These beliefs have only created destruction and chaos for our planet. When we learn the truth of who we really are, learn to accept, forgive and love ourselves and others, we can then gain the freedom and power to create positive outcomes for our life.

It has been said by Cloe Mandanes (a life coach and noted psychologist): “Every person on this planet has only 6 basic needs; and that everything we choose to do is an effort to fulfill those basic needs”.

These basic needs are:

  1. The need for CERTAINTY: knowing that our basic needs for survival will be met, and the security in knowing, that through certain efforts, certain results will be attained.

  2. The need for VARIETY: being human, we like some challenges and surprises, just to keep from being bored.

  3. The need to feel SIGNIFICANT: to feel special, unique and respected as a human being.

  4. The need to have LOVE & CONNECTION: to have friends, family, or a special someone in our life to share love with.

  5. The need for PERSONAL GROWTH: to evolve and expand our capabilities

  6. The need to CONTRIBUTE: to our families, communities, countries and humankind as a whole.