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Several years ago I discovered a science of “soul cycles” which revealed times of the day, month and year that were best for particular opportunities. I had used the information only in significant times when I'd dealt with lawyers, bought real estate or started new work projects and found it very accurate. However, I also found it quite time-consuming to make reference to all the various cycles there are. The reference book is no longer around but there were a few of those yearly cycles that I had committed to memory, that are important in any planning of new jobs, relationships, occupations or businesses. Since these 3 cycles are the most significant and apply to “everyone”, I will share them with you. In explanation of “Soul Cycles”: There are 7 primary cycles, each lasting approx. 52 days, beginning” at your birthday. The 7th cycle is especially important to be aware of since it is the cycle of completion. Anything that is on shaky ground, whether it be a relationship or a job situation has the real risk of falling apart during this time. I wish I had been aware of this when I was in sales as my birthday happens to fall in August 11th, and every summer (end of June to Aug. 11th) I found I had more cancellations and less productivity in my work. I used to say: “I should just take the summer off - for every 3 steps forward I take, I'd fall back “2”!” Well now I know “why”! This 7th cycle is a time when the mind may get a little despondent or depressed and is NOT a good time to start any new job or a relationship that you want to last. The only thing that was mentioned that was favorable during this time was being involved in any real estate dealings or “moving” to a new location. Everything else? -- best to “lie low” and not risk too much of a loss. The reason the 7th period can be so bad is that things not “solid” NEED to fall away; so you can be free for the 1st “2” periods following your birthday. And this could represent another good reason to “celebrate” your birthday as well, as there is a “104” day (2 period) “success cycle” to take advantage of! THIS is the time to start new jobs, projects, relationships, etc. as in this 104 days are the “greatest chances for success” in any venture. It is a time to start new things, promote yourself and/or your business. Your mind will be a lot more sharp and confident during this time also. Think back in your life and see how this applied to you based on “your” birthday and “use this tidbit” for your future endeavours with my blessings. - Happy Birthday (for when it comes) and Good Luck!


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