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Corporate Seminars

Mind expanding seminars & new sucess tools guaranteed to raise self-confidence & self-motivation for that "can do" attitude!

A number of corporate seminars are available to help motivate your employees through new insights, heightened self-esteem, and a greater sense of purpose and drive.


Each seminar is customized to your industry, size and your personal business goals and each employee will be provided with motivational material to take home with them.


These seminars generally run for an hour, but can be tailored to fit your company needs and seminar topics can be combined for a longer session.

Available Seminars:


"Self-Empowerment 101"-- Discover your Genius, Purpose & Passion Workshop (Interactive & Inspiring)

The first step to individual self-mastery, renewed confidence & career success


"Evolution and our Changing Global Economy"--The

New Rules for business success & the importance that businesses will make in our global evolution

Find out the important role businesses will have to usher in world change



Company Benefits:


  • Increases in overall production and profits for company

  • Increases in employee's and staff's self-esteem and self-confidence


  • Strengthening of inter-office / team relationships


  • New understanding of client's, co-worker's, and prospect's needs and motivations


  • Insight into the individual potentials of staff and salespeople for future advancement and placement opportunities


  • Improved understanding of new success principles for growth

Employee Benefits:


  • Gain new understanding of their unique purpose and special talents


  • Create stronger relationships with co-workers, family, friends and customers


  • Gain the tools to improve health, harmony and personal abundance


  • Obtain understanding of the secrets to enhance productivity and personal goals


  • Receive their own personalized  "profile", suitable for framing, to inspire and motivate for life.

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" Upon completion of her presentation, Cheryl left our members feeling empowered and confident."  -  Jessica Busch / Program Manager / Women's Own Resource Centre  (W.O.R.C.)


"My business is on track and the staff are working towards their goal. I feel good and happy with the experience and would recommend it to anyone who would like to have empowerment." - S. Lanteigne

"... It was enlightening and entertaining - thank you Cheryl." - D. Deering/ Director of Business Development / Freedom 55 Financial


Contact Cheryl Today for Booking Information!

705-224-4325 or 1-877-AND-HEAL

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