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“How To Control An Entire Planet”
– A planetary expose to empower evolving humans.

There is too much suffering in the world today - too much hidden corruption and control that needs exposure and eradication - too much abuse and manipulation and too many threats to our planet's wildlife and natural environment. More people need to “wake up”, “speak up” and “speak out” to help the world awaken to a greater truth, re-gain their personal freedom and abundance and gain a glimpse into their own immortality, power and divinity. My love of people, animals, nature and life fueled my drive to get this book published—my legacy and gift to all, especially those that have suffered under the systems that were purposely designed to control and diminish the human soul.


I never considered myself a writer or author. I have limited resources and have always been a “one finger” typist, erring on the side of “perfectionism” (which slows my progress immensely). What I write about and teach comes strictly from personal life experiences, major challenges, constant study, miraculous events and the many conversations I’ve had with thousands of people during my sixty+ years of life (thirty of those being involved in the sales professions). Everything I'd discovered had to go through an extensive process of validation and authentication--especially the most controversial topics.


I've been told I have: “the capacity to absorb and transmit wisdom” and my Higher Self is from the realm of Truth & Wisdom ("go figure"), which may explain my extreme curiosity and drive for “TRUTH”— truth that was not forthcoming through mainstream education, textbooks, science journals or religious affiliations. I cultivated a lifetime search for information that would empower my life and business success, through constant reading, observing and experiencing “first hand” all facets of the human experience (the good, the bad and even the ugly). Compiling, testing and validating ancient science and hidden wisdom became a constant for me, eventually becoming a “Numerologist” and “Empowerment Facilitator”, so I could help others recognize their own potential and self-worth.


For me, life and our history was like a giant “Jigsaw Puzzle”, full of gaping holes from all our standard forms of education. Nothing could explain the injustice, abuse, illness and poverty that was increasing at an alarming rate over the years, both in our country and throughout the world. 

Once I had all the missing pieces validated and authenticated, it formed a complete vision of what could be. Then “EVERYTHING” made sense! This was when I knew this information had to be “SHARED”.


My book, after seven years of writing, documenting and editing was finally complete when COVID19 hit and a flurry of important but hidden information emerged (adding most of it as a “postscript”). Finally it was published in Nov. 2020, a year that (coincidentally) was predicted by Spirit as: “The year much darkness

and corruption would come to light (be exposed) to assist more people in their awakening 

and their potential to make change”.

If you’re ready to discover truth and truly wish to enhance your life:

Go to: “”  & discover the secrets for yourself!

Robert D.

5.0 out of 5 stars Buy it, read it, live it!!!!

Reviewed in the United States on June 20, 2021

"This woman offers a great deal of truth here. You can skip to any chapter you so desire and you will not be let down. This read should actually be mandatory reading in high school and in universities. It offers our only way out and forward. Buy it, share it, live it. And thank this woman for her courage."

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