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Your "Secret Code" and "Life Purpose Profile" 

Your secret code* will unlock your genius, the purpose you chose for this lifetime and the special talents you possess to gain the greatest success in life.

You will find these profile numbers to be very accurate and illustrate the exact purpose you have chosen for this lifetime and the skills and gifts you possess; however, if any point does not seem 100% accurate I've found it often has to do with a "test or karma" you may have to clear - the details of which, a "Personal Discovery Session" would reveal.

Just call and leave your message at:

 1-705-640-9653 or 1-877-AND-HEAL.


There are 12 numbers, one through nine and 3 master numbers 11, 22 & 33. A 33 life purpose number can only be substantiated through a "name analysis" and only one person has had this number in the last 100 years: so I have left this out of the videos and profile info (book a private session in you think you are a 33 and you will get a full report)


*NOTE: To discover your secret code, just add the day, month and year of birth to get

a number between 1900 & 2400.


Example: Dec. 2, 1981 = 12+2+1981 = "1995" is THIS person's secret code.


Receive a one page summary of their life purpose, talents and gifts along with a list of famous people who share their number. These can be framed and displayed as a constant reminder & lifetime motivator to inspire them to live to their greatest potential.


They make unique and inspiring gifts!


To receive additional "Life Purpose Profiles", just include the "First Name and Secret Code" of each recipient for accuracy and personalization


(allow up to 48 hours for processing)

Only $9.99 Each! 

Discover Your Life Purpose Number

Enter your birthdate into the calculator below to determine your life purpose number:

* IMPORTANT NOTE: The above calculator will only calculate

a single digit. If you get a 2 or 4 do a manual calculation before ordering your profile.

Using the arrows at the far right & left of the video screen, scroll to find "your number" and hear a "brief" summary.

NOTE: For a Manual Calculation of your life purpose number follow the instructions below. This may be valuble in discovering if another life purpose number may apply to you (As noted in the videos above).


Manual Calculation: Take the day, the month and the year of your birth and add up all the numbers. Break down all the numbers to the lowest digit (1 through 9). Break down all the totals you get UNLESS the final numbers are 11 or 22. These are considered "Master Numbers" and these do NOT get broken down. These numbers actually have "2"  readings associated with them, showing 1st, your "higher purpose", and secondly, the "choice" you have if you do not wish to live up to your full potential (or want a rest from the power of the master number vibration).




If you were born on October 15, 1975,  you would add  1 + 0 (for October), 1+5 for the day and 1+9+7+5 for the year.  The total would be 29. NOW add 2+9=11 and 1+1=2.   Since "11" is a master number, you would read what it says about that number. Then you can read the lowest digit to see where you are between the two.  This would be considered a Life  Purpose number 11/2.




Another example: you were born on Nov. 2, 1980: (November is "11" so you would break it down into "1+1") so 1+1+2+1+9+8+0=22... 2+2=4. This is known as a 22/4 combination.


* If you purchase a "11 or 22" profile, they will automatically include information on the "2 or 4"; so it will not be necessary to order both."

Disclaimer: cannot be held responsible or liable for any miscalculations of your life purpose numbers which may result in ordering the wrong report, or finding any disagreement with the information provided. 

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