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Business Accomplishments


  • 1st woman to be promoted  to District Sales Manager in employer's 40 year history (2nd since its inception in 1876)


  • Over 30 years experience in commissioned sales and public relations work


  • Multiple "Million Dollar Sales" awards earned and "Top in Sales" awards received


  • Recipient of the  I.O.F."s " SCR Award Jewel"  for high yearly sales volume, exceptional public service and over 97% new business retention (only one awarded that year among 500 representatives in Canada)


  • Former C.E.O. of the S.H.E. Centre Corporation's "Nature Retreat Experience" - a home-based lakeside retreat for visiting guests teaching personal growth through "Self-discovery, Healing and Empowerment"


  • 40 years research,  investigation and application of universal laws, ancient sciences and hidden truths


Biography - Cheryl D Hill

Empowerment & Evolution Facilitator

Meta Physics Counselor / Keynote Speaker


Born in 1951, Cheryl spent her first 5 years in a small border town known as Crystal Beach, on the shores of Lake Erie. The town boasted being home to the greatest amusement park in Canada. Her frequent visits as a youngster no doubt fueled her curiosity, imagination and thirst for adventure. 


She had always been a “seeker”, always searching, studying and researching hidden truths and ancient wisdom, seeing how these truths relate to our present life experiences- now wanting to share these empowering tools and methods with others wishing to improve and change their life.


She has found we all learn best through experience; and experience she did, facing and mastering numerous challenges, tests, obstacles and miracles in her life. These tests and experiences allowed her to evolve and gain a true understanding of our human potential, our individual gifts and life purpose, and gain an understanding of unconditional love.


Having been married for twenty-seven years, twenty of those years as the sole income-earner, has taught her much of the human condition and of the prevailing pressures to succeed in creating a life for a family. Then, known as Cheryl Lavalle, she became the first female to earn a promotion to district field manager in a male-dominated patriarchal insurance society in their last 40 years, second one to gain this position in the last 119 years! With over 35 years of sales and public service experience, she's   earned numerous awards, honors and accolades for her work and proficiency in the field, starting her own business in 1998.


In 1982 she was blessed with a gifted and beautiful daughter, an indigo child, who was wise beyond her years and taught her much of unconditional love.

Over thirty years ago she met and received a communication from her “Guardian Angel”, later found to be her Higher Self. She received validation of all her studies and discoveries and was told she: ”had the capacity to absorb and transmit wisdom and could push past the facades of others, to discover the truth within”.  She has since dedicated her life to this quest.


She is an experienced teacher, coach, mentor, channel, intuitive, numerologist, healer and key-note speaker. She has learned the art of self-healing and stress-relief, having reversed her own biology of sixty-three years, to better serve and be a witness to our planet’s upcoming evolution. 


Once C.E.O. of the S.H.E. Centre Corporation’s “Nature Retreat Experience”, she hopes to once again have a nature retreat for visitors seeking enlightenment and healing, with an eventual international complex devoted to this work. 

A soul, very much aware of her many lifetimes as both male and female on this planet, from ancient times in Atlantis and Jerusalem to present, as well as memories of earlier connections to the Pleiades’s and the Orion systems. She now dedicates her life to empowering others, sharing wisdom with those who choose to grow, heal and reach their greatest potential. In this she feels a “contributor” in the upcoming evolution of our planet.


In this there is faith in a new beginning and a better world, for ALL OF US.

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